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Posted in gym on April 30, 2008 by afuntanilla

6 miles yesterday on the treadmill with NO iPOD.

That’s some discipline! 🙂

A new day

Posted in road on April 28, 2008 by afuntanilla

4/27/08: 9 miles/1:32:33/10:16 pace


thank goodness for a new day. late yesterday, i went into a local running store to pick up some gels for today’s run and also some body glide. i also picked up a new pair of ASICS shorts. kinda a spontaneous buy, but i also needed some new shorts. maybe it helped do the trick for a better run today. or maybe it was the rain that dropped all through the night and early morning. as i walked out my door, everything seemed all the more lush & beautiful. a good way to start out my day. i ran without music and was happy to hear my breathing, the sound of my feet, and smell the freshness all around me.