A new day

4/27/08: 9 miles/1:32:33/10:16 pace


thank goodness for a new day. late yesterday, i went into a local running store to pick up some gels for today’s run and also some body glide. i also picked up a new pair of ASICS shorts. kinda a spontaneous buy, but i also needed some new shorts. maybe it helped do the trick for a better run today. or maybe it was the rain that dropped all through the night and early morning. as i walked out my door, everything seemed all the more lush & beautiful. a good way to start out my day. i ran without music and was happy to hear my breathing, the sound of my feet, and smell the freshness all around me.


2 Responses to “A new day”

  1. Hey there! Of course I’ll follow to the new site. It sounds like yesterday’s run was much better than the ones earlier in the week. Maybe the race just caught up with you? Sometimes I definitely just have a bad day (or a few). It stinks when it happens but it does make the next good run that much better!

  2. i like to hear my breathing, too.

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