boot(y) camp & beyond

this past thursday a friend asked me to come to her boot camp because it was “bring-a buddy” day. reluctantly, i agreed. going to boot camp at 6am was not my first choice of things to do! nevertheless, i knew that once i got up and going, i would be fine. i intentionally didn’t ask her anything about what it would be like beforehand..i didn’t want any pre-conceived notions. i wanted to be surprised. overall, i thought it was a good way to exercise for an hour. it was all very fast-paced/aerobic. on top of the running i am doing and getting up early, being fast was not my specialty. i felt kinda sluggish, but still kept up pretty well. what killed me were all the freaking LUNGES we had to do. WOW. My upper inner thighs/hamstrings and ass are very, very sore..still! I knew the lunges would get me, but i didn’t think it would be like this. OW! 

Amazingly, I was able to run yesterday even though i hobbled around at work (and got ZERO sympathy)

the week so far

April 29: 6 miles/59:44/9:57 pace

April 30: 5.25 miles/51:35/9:49 pace


May 2: 3 miles/29:20/9:46 pace



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