hmmm baby

today was my longest run of the week and oddly enough, the run that felt the best. why is that? was it because i broke down and used extra gas to go to the SILVER COMET TRAIL. As i have mentioned many times before, going there is like visiting an old friend. i feel like we know each other and no matter what time has passed since we last saw one another, the door is always open and i feel comfortable. and today, in the late morning of a spectacular spring day, i was grateful for the shade provided by the lushness on the trail. this could be one of the reasons why today felt good.
or maybe i was just simply due for a good feeling kinda run. i don’t care for knowing the reason, i’m just glad it was there. the lesson keeps repeating itself…for as i have time when the run hurts and is sluggish/painful…there are those other days where it feels like i am in a strong goove and i’m just kinda humming along.

May 4: 9.2 miles/1:32:30/10:03 pace

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  1. visiting an old friend is always worth the extra gas.

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