Fri, Sat, Sun

May 9: 5 mile hike

May 10: 5 mile trail run w/ 5 lb (at least) backpack – hilly & slow! but beautiful, refreshing, and FREE-ING!

May 11: 7:58 miles/1:15:49/10:00 pace

WEEK TOTAL: 29 and change

The hike and trail run i did was up in the North GA mountains. I was there on a day which luckily was the one day in did not rain in that particular area. Was gorgeous. SOOOO nice to get out of the city and be immersed in nature. When I did my trail run, i had my pack on and truly felt so independent and self-sufficient. 

Hope all had some good training in this weekend. 

One Response to “Fri, Sat, Sun”

  1. 5 miles on the trails with a pack! That’s badass. Sounds like a great training weekend. I need to get back out on some trails!

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