saved by the rain

As you can see i’m still “toying” around with the site and trying to figure out what i like…i think this one just might stick for a while. the other one was cool, but i was not able to add links…

The training: AHHH…THE TRAINING…

Well, it’s been a mixed few days. On the positive side, I spoke to my coach for the first time by telephone on MONDAY and that was COOL. All of our communication thus far has been via email. He is amazing and damn inspiring! Tuesday was good, Wednesday not so much and today, Thursday, was back to good. I’m not sure what is all going on with me but I am definitely in some kind of a funk. Emotionally. Mentally. and Physically not feeling quite right. Not sickness as in illness…but something is up, i just don’t know what! I’m trying to be patient and try not to hammer away too hard at myself. It has rained all day today here in ATLANTA…not cold or heavy rain…but cool and steady. I ran in the rain. It was terrific. I made me happy. I ran through puddles and even got splashed from some passing cars. I only saw one other runner on my 5+ adventure. I guess everyone else just wimped out!  🙂

May 13: 6 miles/57:40/9:36 pace – treadmill

May 14: 2.6 miles– EEK

May 15: 5.4 miles/52:19/9:41 pace – outside/rain/hills



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