sweating and soaking

Spent the extended weekend in Austin, TX where temperatures were in the high 90’s with high humidity everyday. I was not quite ready for this kind of weather as I have yet to see this in Atlanta so far this year.

Um…it made for interesting runs through the capital city. INTERESTING & TOUGH. 

Friday-suffered thru 4 miles in the middle of the afternoon with 95 degree dry heat. The intermittent breeze just seemed to make it worse as it seemed as though the heat was shoved down my throat..leaving me gasping for sips of my water that had quickly gone from ice cubes to hot liquid. Maybe I should have taken a que as I saw NO other runners on my jaunt!

Saturday-left to go run at about 8am. Drank some very crappy hotel coffee and a Balance bare bar. Not very good planning for this run. Wanted to do 8-10. Legs/quads very tired. 78-80 degrees at start w/ high humidity. Ran thru Univ of Texas and beyond. Passed along side the huge UT stadium and wished I could have gone inside and ran some stadiums. Most of the route was in full sunshine as trees are not in abundance as they are in Atlanta.  6.25 Miles

Sunday – (pre-run) at 7amish. Sitting on the fold out bed in the hotel room. More CRAPPY coffee, water and Clif bar in hand. I looked out the window and thought: the road to the 50 is out there. (post-run) Managed only 8.25 miles. Wanted to go 12. Just not happening. I had no fuel. Bad planning on my part. I looked and looked for gels yesterday, but found none. While running, I remembered that we were right across the street from REI and it didn’t even dawn on me to go inside for gels. DUH! Man, i was not happy with myself for not being better prepared. On the positive side, I ran every day and got in as many miles as I could. I might have done more if I wimped out and went on gym treadmill, but I DIDN’T! Sunday’s run was more scenic as I ventured into west austin and into some neighborhoods. Also, there was a big Triathlon on Sunday and I got to see the start as swimmers packed into Town Lake and then when I finished my run, I saw the cyclists and then the front runners as they were right near my hotel. Pretty cool, especially seeing the front running men. Man, they are so freakin’ FIT. Amazing and strong.

Late sunday night, I soaked in the hot tub and wondered why the hell I hadn’t done it on Friday/Saturday too. oh well.


May 25: 8.25 miles

May 24: 6.25 miles

May 23: 4 miles

May 21:  4 miles

May 20: 6.5 miles/treadmill

Week Total = 29





3 Responses to “sweating and soaking”

  1. What a coincidence! We’re headed to Austin to visit friends in a couple weeks. I used to live there and remember it being hot, but don’t remember it being THAT bad! Good for you to tough out those conditions. Did you have a good time other than some trying runs?

  2. This shows you just how long I’ve been away from the blogging thing- I just found you over here and it’s May 27. Sounds like my type of weather out there! Nice…

  3. ah, sweet home texas. i don’t miss the humidity, that’s for sure. looks like you’re putting in some good miles. i’m up in the 40’s per week right now and hope to get into the 50’s soon. it’s easier to do when temps aren’t in the 90’s, though. 🙂

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