on the 7th day, she wrote

today marked my 7th day in a row of running. yep, count it. it appears in the last 7 days, i have run just over 36 miles. again, this is on a ROLLING 7 days, not weekly. and to tell you the truth, i feel pretty good. i’m surprised, actually. i think i may be feeling the way i do because the routes and terrain have been mixed. some flat, some hills, some treadmill and of course, some HEAT/HUMIDITY & come cooler temps (thankfully) The variety helps by using different muscle groups and i could definitely feel the difference coming back home after running in Austin for 3 days in a row. I felt so much faster! it’s definitely nice to have run so many consecutive days in a row and feel good, mentally & physically.
Coach has put 14 miles (TRAIL) on my schedule for one of my runs this weekend. I have decided to go ahead and run a 15K trail race.
The race location is about 30-45 minutes south of atlanta. I emailed my coach to make sure this was a good idea to run the race and then continue on with another 5 miles. He agreed and said that since i would be probably be running the 15k faster than normal, i could consider the 5 miles a “cooldown”.
COOLDOWN? 5 miles?? Maybe for him and his 100 mile race self. Me..i will be slugging along, i’m sure.
Cracked me up!

Hope everyone is out there tearin’ it up!!

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