game. Set. MATCH.

Yesterday, I went to run trails and aimed for 10 miles, but alas..i didn’t started until 9am. Well, here in the SOUTH, that is just much too late at this time of year. I did 7 and allowed myself the flexibility to mostly walk the remaining 3 miles back to the car. Just as a side note, the trail finally put in place a couple of port-o-potties. THANK GOODNESS. Thank you, Kennesaw park staff! So, because of the shortage on Saturday, my plan was to wake early today (sunday) and be at the Silver Comet Trail by 7am. This would ensure a cooler start, longer run, and I would be able to get back home to watch the French Open Final between Nadal & Federer. Well, no dice. I wound up waking at 7am and was very tired. I had some quick decisions to make because I wanted to watch tennis and I needed to run before it got blistering hot/humid. I chose to totally improvise and go run on the TREADMILL at the gym. I was glued to the overheard flat screen TV as I watched Federer get clobbered by Nadal! I was hoping for a better match and even to see Roger eek out a win, but oh well…i’m happy for NADAL. I love watching these 2 guys play each other! So competitive. So talented. So disciplined & dedicated. I’m just glad it lasted as long as it do so it could give me something to focus on for a while. I thought I would only make 10 miles, but I was in such a groove that I lasted another 2 for a total of 12. As for the week, 33 total mileage. I really want and need to get close to 40 this week.

June 2 – massage –AHHH

June 3: 4.5 miles/43:40/9:42 pace – treadmill

June 4: 5.1 miles/50:33/9:55 pace – outside, hilly/hot

June 5: 4.5 miles/43:30/9:40 pace – treadmill

June 7: 7 miles/1:12/10:17 pace- Kennesaw Battlefield Trails

June 8: 12 miles/1:57:47/9:48 pace – treadmill


2 Responses to “game. Set. MATCH.”

  1. nice week. hot down there? we had a snow storm on tuesday… 😦

  2. afuntanilla Says:

    snow storm! you gotta be kidding!

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