Who needs the French?

As you might recall, I ran 12 miles last Sunday on the treadmill while watching the French Open men’s final. It was a great way to help me stay focused. Today, there was no treadmill. Just me & the beauty of the Silver Comet Trail. It was tough though. I went out 7 and then came back  for a total of 12. I walked the last 2. I know I could’ve run the last 2 but it would have been very slow. I was happy to make 12! I didn’t even feel totally awake until about miles 3-4…and then after that point, i was in a groove. I began at 7:30am with humidity already high although temps were below 80. The best part of the week was the mileage today. Overall, my weekly mileage went down because wednesday/thursday I thought I might have been getting sick. I was just absolutely exhausted. I left work early both days, came home and slept. Saturday’s run was at 1pm after 4 hours at the office. It definitely was one of those, “let me just get through this” kinda runs. 

The GOBI Desert Race is now complete. Every day, I have been reading the updates/blog posts from the competitors and I have been so moved and inspired. What a feat! Next year, one of the venues is NAMBIA. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about it….But, first things first. 50 miles. I still am not sure I can get it done, but I am committed and focused. 

June 15: 12 miles/2:04 approx.

June 14: 6.7 miles/1:10

June 13: 4 miles

June 11: 5 miles/49:30/9:50 pace

June 10 4 miles w/ 5×1 min tempo

Total: 31.7 approx


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