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daily motivation

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“what counts in battle is what you do when the pain sets in”

john short, South African coach

today’s motivation

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“Somehere in the world, someone is training when you are not. When you race him, he will win.”

-Tom Fleming

mental bashing!

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May 26: 3 miles/26:13/8:44 pace
May 27: 4.7 miles/46:01/9:47 pace
May 28: 5.25 miles/51:20/9:46 pace
May 29: 4.5 miles/42:45/9:30 pace
May 31: 9.3 trail race/1:37:14/10:27 pace

June 1: 3.4 miles/33:31/9:51 pace

Total: 30 

Thoughts: I had run 7 days in a row until this past friday which I took off. I was feeling pretty good and decided to run the 15K Xterra trail race. I had also planned to keep running afterwards for however long I could. Race began at 8:30am and heat and humidity had already set in. 
I started out too fast and basically screwed myself. My legs were also zonked from those 7 days. I didn’t have much to go on and was mentally a wreck…thinking all sorts of things like “maybe I can’t do this; maybe I can’t do the 50, what the hell am I doing, etc…” very mentally tough those last miles. I was glad that I finished though and didn’t let my negative thoughts get the better of me. I’m feeling better today and have better perspective, but, DAMN the demons!