so much inspiration out there…

i love these days right now. there is so much going on in the sports world that is motivating and inspiring:


OLYMPIC track & field trials & swimming trials


and yesterday, I read an inspiring story about Josh Hamilton who is the center fielder for Texas Rangers. This guy was addicted to drugs just three years ago and out of baseball. He was in re-hab 8 times. He has 33 months of being clean/sober and he is about to be an MLB All-Star, most likely a starter for the AL league where he is the leader in home runs and RBIs. Who says you can’t turn your life around???

Lastly, this is a quote from a former MLB player who is now a competitive triathlete and will compete later this year in KONA:

on training: you have to be patient and put in the time. you’ve got to do the mileage. honestly, a lot of days is isn’t much fun and you spend a lot of time on your own. there are no shortcuts.

-jeff conine

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