rain, pain, and a mystery ghost

saturday and sunday back to back double digit runs. sunday started off about 80 degrees and high humidity. around mile 5, a terrific thunderstorm hit and i got drenched. happily so. snot was hanging from my nose along with rainwater. i could not see much out of my eyeglasses. i just kept chugging along. it was pretty awesome, actually. both days i took on hills; hill after freakin’ hill. my legs were begging me to stop…but i just couldn’t. 50 miles…the goal is 50…the dream is 50…keep going.. about 5 minutes to go in today’s run and I was in a complete and thunderous downpour and i mean THUNDEROUS. the sky was crackling. every inch of my small frame was drenched and cool. i threw my head back and sucked it all in. the moment. and then, BAM! A huge, thundering, crackling, noise and some sort of fire illuminated in the skies. It was so freaking loud, i jumped about 2 feet and was frightened. a car alarm went off. I hurried my last 2 minutes and got my butt inside the house. sheesh. here’s the week’s breakdown:

July 1: 5 miles/48:10/9:38 pace > treadmill

July 2: 3.7 miles/36:30/9:51 pace

July 3: 4.3 miles/43:19/10:04 pace

July 5: 10.67 miles/01:47/10:01 pace > outside/hills

July 6: 1st run = 11 miles/01:51/10:06 pace > outside/very hilly; 2nd run = 3.5 miles/34:01/9:43 pace > treadmill

weekly total = 38 and change. YES!

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