East & West Part I

Last weeks runs were good, just not quite enough. The trail run last Saturday was awesome. Went out with my buddy, SL, and we did the Kennesaw 10 mile loop. This is never an easy trail and I’m happy to say I made the full 10 without stopping or walking up any of the tough climbs. First time in years that I did this! Felt great!

As mentioned, I left for Vegas Sunday morning. Well…I was SUPPOSSED to leave in the morning. We got stuck on the plane due to a thunderstorm. We were stuck sitting on plane for 4 hours! Not the best way to begin my mini-mini vacation, but what could I do? Nothing!! Well, after another 4 hours on the plane to the desert city and another hour or so to get my rental car, etc…I finally arrived at the hotel! Pure luxury for 2 nights!! It was fantastic. The sucky part was that I didn’t run after getting settled in like I had planned. After mother nature and luck took away about 5 hours of extra vacation time, i was too wiped to try to run. I figured I would go hard on Monday.

July 12: #1 Run = 10 miles/1:44/10:24 pace – Kennesaw Trails #2 Run = 5 miles/48:37/9:43 pace

July 10: 5.5 miles – treadmill swimsuit run

July 9: 3 miles/28:24/9:28 pace

July 8: 5.5 miles/9:26 pace


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