East to West Part II

I woke up a bit late on monday and promptly put on running clothes and headed out to Red Rock Canyon. I didn’t know what to expect except that it would be hot and lots of sun. Well, the desert does not disappoint. I began the run at 8am in 85 degrees and climbing temperatures. Just 30 minutes away from the vivacious and bubbling las vegas, but one would never know it. The vastness of the land and the enormous red rocks that surrounded me was breathtaking and heart-stopping. Nothing around but pure beautiful earth. 

After getting some directions from the visitor center, I headed out for the run. it sure didn’t look too challenging at first glance, but, wow, was i in for a surprise. The trails were extremely technical and at many places, tough to run. My time out there became more of a run, hike, walk due to the terrain and the relentless heat. I kept negotiating time to look around at my surroundings and take it all in and then pay attention to my footing as it would have been far to easy to take a nasty spill. There were no other runners out there. No hikers either. Just me and the rocks; pretty damn cool. I only last 1 hour out there and then decided i could run again later in the evening. 

After getting back to hotel, eating and hanging out by the pool, i was ready for another run. This time i went into the spa/gym and ran on treadmill. a great reprieve from the heat. 

Tuesday morning I woke up earlier and was able to get out by 7am. It was still 85 degrees! dry, dry, heat. I ran 5 miles in and around the LV strip. A good way to start out the day and good running days to begin the week. I would finish this week at over 40 miles total, which I think is a first for me. 

July 20: 1st run am = 9 miles/1:30/10:00 pace; 2nd run pm = 2.5 miles/24:10/9:40 pace – treadmill

July 19: 9 miles/1:27/9:40 pace – very hilly

July 18: 2 miles/18:17/9:06 pace – treadmill

July 17: 3 miles/30:00/10:00 pace – 6am 

July 15: 5 miles/48:56/9:47 pace

July 14: 1st run am = 6 miles/1:12; 2nd run pm = 4 miles/38:37/9:39 pace

TOTAL = 40.5 miles

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