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Did 2 runs during the week; 4.25 on tuesday and 6 on thursday. yesterday, did not feel all too well and came home from work early and slept for 5 hrs midday. felt better this morning. went to my home away from home, Kennesaw, and ran 1 full loop = 9.54 miles. This was my last long run before next saturday’s race. i’m definitely getting excited about the race. i just hope i can finish the damn thing! ūüôā

hope all are having a good weekend.


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on the “dashboard” of this MAC laptop, it reads:¬†

North Face 50 Miler: 9 days, 7 hours, 13 minutes, 17 seconds….and counting!



A turtle, a butterfly & war wounds

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Back at Kennesaw Battlefield trails on Sunday. Got a late start cause I slept in (and could have kept sleeping). I am able to sleep in a bit now as we are having a very unusual August in terms of temperatures. Typically, August is the hottest month for Atlanta, but not so this year. Of course, this is absolutley fine by me. It’s been a wonderful reprieve. Humidity is still high, but temps have dropped some.

So, back to the trails. I started at the same location as last week; geared up with water and about 3 gels. About 1-2 miles in, i was looking down and there was a decent sized turtle there on the trail. TURTLE. It was actually pretty cute to see it. There he/she was just chugging along trying to make their way to the other side of the trail. I quickly stepped around/over turtle and kept going. Pretty cool. I have to say, I WAS moving a BIT faster than the turtle. But, not much. HA!

As beautiful as it was out there, I was ready to stop after 1 hour. Then 2 hours. Right after the 2 hour mark, i felt like i just kinda got into¬†a zone…not a “high”, but¬†as if¬†i’m in a trance or something…with not a care in the world. I wonder what is happening in my brain at that time…what is my body’s physiological response? Somewhere around this time, I saw a large, yellow, beautiful butterfly pass in front of me. Really, really pretty.

And then i started to get a sense of the wounds taking place; the CHAFING wounds. I usually put on some body glide, but for some STUPID reason, today I didn’t. I could feel the area underneath my sportsbra on my back just rip into my skin. AUUUUGGGGHH. My shorts were drenched and even though, I wasn’t in any pain yet between my thighs, I knew i soon would be. But…I still had to complete the run. The final stretch is just over 1/2 mile of a semi-steep climb….the last thing i want after running for 3hrs. But, I bucked up and said to myself, “c’mon, make it up, all the way to the top.” My legs were burning and as I was pumping my arms, i felt like i had nothing in my gut, just pure will. I made it to the top and my heart was beating fast. Good to know I’m so alive!!!

Sure enough, the CHAFING pain kicked in pretty soon. I drove home and hopped in the shower and pain sounds were abundant in my little bathroom…the water, hot or cold, splashing against my raw skin was pain i would not wish on an enemy. It had never been this bad for me. It continued to hurt for rest of day and because of that, I was not able to do a 2nd run as i have been doing these past Sundays. I kinda missed it, actually.

WEEK TOTAL = 33+/_ miles

the goings on…

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Overall, had a solid week last week, posting 36 miles. Highlight was Saturday long run. I went out to Kennesaw Battlefield. I wanted to try and stay out there for 3.5 – 4 hours. Well, that was the goal. I began about 8am and weather was good. Not too hot or humid. I parked my car and began the route on a different part of the trail…basically a different entry point to the “Loop” trail. This way I could mix it up a bit and also not carry all my gels and such if i needed to stop back by the car. I ran one full loop and then another 6 miles of the smalled “loop”. Some parts of trail are wide, others narrow. Full of up and down, but not very technical. After the first full loop, I noticed how much in a groove I was…like I was just kinda hanging out running. I didn’t care about pace or anything. I stopped at 16 miles which = 3 hours. I felt ok about it because I had more running to do on Sunday and i knew if I went another hour, I would not be in good shape for Sunday.

I did 2 runs on Sunday. This marks another weekend of running 2x on a Sunday. I’ve done several in a row now. I’m getting used to it and it feels good. But, basically this means that all i do on the weekends are this: sleep, run, eat, rest; repeat.

I am getting excited about the race although right now I just feel very tired. I mean fatigue. I don’t know if i need to get my blood checked or what, but it is becoming frustrating. I am not sore. I am TIRED!! It doesn’t seem like the running alone would contribute to this, but maybe it is. I have also been very busy with my work. I did make a doctor appointment, but it won’t be anytime soon unless i get in somewhere else. I’m also thinking of consulting a nutrionist. I think there is one at my gym.

If anyone out there has any thoughts on this fatigue issue, i would be happy to hear them.

On a separate note, Karl has had to take a break on his AT adventure. He is having an injury issue. Check out Where’s Karl to read more and send positive thoughts!!!

TOTAL MILEAGE = 36 miles


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just chowed down on a free donut at work. yum. a rare treat. don’t care. need the calories. sf giants are in town for their only trip to atlanta. i have tix for tomorrow nights game. both teams are sucking this year, but oh well…i still love to see “my home team” and i have a¬†sweet, new¬†orange Giants t-shirt to wear proudly. temperatures have cooled a bit so that will be nice for weekend long runs. long goal will be 3.5-4hrs on trail tomorrow. that means, i will be dragging my butt to the baseball game. sounds good to me.

have a good weekend everyone. train hard. be your own “Olympic” self!!

today’s motivation

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“You’re not puking and nothing’s broken so get going.”

-Vivian McQueeney to her husband, Scott, in the middle of the climb to Whitney Portal during Badwater 2000

the latest

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I wasn’t planning on watching the opening ceremonies, but got back from dinner in time to watch some of them and man…pretty damn impressive. wow! just thinking about what it takes to coordinate something like that is beyond my comprehension…..and that is one of the many reasons why i just stick to the running.¬†

shoes. check.

shorts. check.

shirt. check.

now, get out the door.

easy. Of course, sometimes, it doesn’t¬†feel¬†easy. like on sunday when i was going for 20 in the morning and only made 17.37 miles. at about 15, i just felt exhausted all over. it dawned on me that i did not have enough fuel in my tank. gels are just not gonna cut it for me after about 15 miler marker. i need something else. i did another 4.5 later sunday early evening at the gym and felt stronger than i would have thought. yeah!¬†

another highlight was going back to the trail i had gone to the previous week; Vickery Creek. This time, one of my buddies came with and we did one loop together and i did another solo. Good technical and varied trail. And plenty of places where the trees and such envelope the trail. i’ve gotten plenty of scratches to prove it. I hope i can get there again this week, maybe even tomorrow. after the trail, we ducked into whole foods and grabbed some fruit, yogurt, bagels, etc…

on a bit of a separate note, i have days where i just feel incredibly fatigued. perhaps more than the running warrants. i think i am gonna go see a doc and get some blood work done. it may just be iron deficiency. other than that, feeling physically ok. i’m watching olympics whenever i get a chance and am constantly in awe of these tremendous athletes.¬†

and, coach is doing his thing on the app. trail and i am just beside myself with excitement and inspiration. i’d addicted to the blog and all the updates. so freakin cool!

Week Running Totals: 40.5 Miles


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When I was 11 years old, I participated in a city-wide track meet. I competed in the 100 yard dash. “Tryouts” were held at our school to determine which kids would represent our school. I made it. I cannot explain how excited and proud I was. Chariots of Fire had already been out at the movies and i had gone to see it. Even though much of it was beyond me as an 11 year old, I got the parts that mattered to me the most: determination of spirit. Even at such a young age, I was enveloped with a seriousness and determination for doing my very best and with a competitive juice that has lasted still. Before the track meet, my mom had gone out and bought the 45 version of Chariots of Fire theme song.¬† Before leaving for the meet, we(my family)¬†listened to it as we ran around our living room in slow motion. It sounds kinda goofy, but it was one of the most memorable moments with my mom.

The track meet was held in the early evening and my mom and siblings were in the stands. The track surface was very loose dirt and i can hear the sounds now…those little crunches under my feet. I was so nervous and excited. There were so many people in the stands and I wanted to make mom proud. Soon enough, my start time was up. The gun went off and off i went ablaze down the track. Two of my very good friends were in the race too and I was out ahead. I was so far ahead that I had a chance to look back and see them. A little part of me felt bad & guilty for beating my friends, but i was so happy for my accomplishment. I was so happy and proud that I thought my little heart would burst. My accomplishment felt so BIG. It was, at that time.

In my youth, I had dreams of being an Olympian. I had dreams of being a sprinter and then it changed to dreams of being a distance runner…a la Mary Decker (but, not falling). What was great was that my mom never tried to squash my dreams. She never thought I should aim lower. She always told me she believed I could do whatever I put my mind and heart into. We all need that, don’t we? Someone to believe in us. …

Well…I will never be an Olympian. But, that is ok. Because I can still dream and I can still feel like one. I can still go out and give all i have and do my very best.

And I still hear the Chariots of Fire theme song in my head….

thank goodness i’ve reattached my legs!

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A much better week. Not so much in overall mileage, but in quality and level of satisfaction. Highlights were the weekend runs. Saturday, I started earlier than i have in a long time and even just 1 hour earlier made a huge difference in avoiding some of the tough (HOT/HUMID) weather conditions. i think i started about 6:45am and ran a solid 14. felt very good. it was awesome to be out early and feel so free and peaceful. Sunday, i went for a trail run which was organized by a local running store, THE BIG PEACH. It was a trail that i had never been to before and its easy to get to. The organized part was one loop for 3.3 miles and i ended up doing it 2x. Kid you not though, it was tough. Very, very technical with some steep sections and climbs over huge fallen trees and such from the previous nights storm. But all in all, was very cool to be out with a bunch of other folks and get some more trail work in. I look forward to going back real soon. 

Also: coach began his AT adventure today. So freakin’ cool! Check it out at

July 28: 3.1 miles/31:01/10:00 pace

July 30: am run 3.25 miles/31:10/9:35 pace; pm run 3.25 miles/31:20/9:40 pace

July 31: 3 miles/28:23/9:27 pace

Aug 1: 14 miles/2:22/10:11 pace

Aug 2: am run 6.63 miles trail/1:23/12:39 pace; pm run 4 miles/38:00/9:30 pace

TOTAL = 37

Dean K. Movie

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Had an opportunity to see last night. Wow. A very good film. Very inspiring. Much more than I thought it would be. I know lots of folks have their opinions about Dean K….but seeing this film is about much more than him. Awesome footage and comments from many runners and everyone’s own story and reasons for being out there. I don’t think you have to be a runner to enjoy it either. I think i was smiling the entire time i watched. It was extremely gratifying to watch¬†and listen to people’s comments. I was reminded once again of the true joy in the journey of trying to reach my goals.