thank goodness i’ve reattached my legs!

A much better week. Not so much in overall mileage, but in quality and level of satisfaction. Highlights were the weekend runs. Saturday, I started earlier than i have in a long time and even just 1 hour earlier made a huge difference in avoiding some of the tough (HOT/HUMID) weather conditions. i think i started about 6:45am and ran a solid 14. felt very good. it was awesome to be out early and feel so free and peaceful. Sunday, i went for a trail run which was organized by a local running store, THE BIG PEACH. It was a trail that i had never been to before and its easy to get to. The organized part was one loop for 3.3 miles and i ended up doing it 2x. Kid you not though, it was tough. Very, very technical with some steep sections and climbs over huge fallen trees and such from the previous nights storm. But all in all, was very cool to be out with a bunch of other folks and get some more trail work in. I look forward to going back real soon. 

Also: coach began his AT adventure today. So freakin’ cool! Check it out at

July 28: 3.1 miles/31:01/10:00 pace

July 30: am run 3.25 miles/31:10/9:35 pace; pm run 3.25 miles/31:20/9:40 pace

July 31: 3 miles/28:23/9:27 pace

Aug 1: 14 miles/2:22/10:11 pace

Aug 2: am run 6.63 miles trail/1:23/12:39 pace; pm run 4 miles/38:00/9:30 pace

TOTAL = 37

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