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I wasn’t planning on watching the opening ceremonies, but got back from dinner in time to watch some of them and man…pretty damn impressive. wow! just thinking about what it takes to coordinate something like that is beyond my comprehension…..and that is one of the many reasons why i just stick to the running. 

shoes. check.

shorts. check.

shirt. check.

now, get out the door.

easy. Of course, sometimes, it doesn’t feel easy. like on sunday when i was going for 20 in the morning and only made 17.37 miles. at about 15, i just felt exhausted all over. it dawned on me that i did not have enough fuel in my tank. gels are just not gonna cut it for me after about 15 miler marker. i need something else. i did another 4.5 later sunday early evening at the gym and felt stronger than i would have thought. yeah! 

another highlight was going back to the trail i had gone to the previous week; Vickery Creek. This time, one of my buddies came with and we did one loop together and i did another solo. Good technical and varied trail. And plenty of places where the trees and such envelope the trail. i’ve gotten plenty of scratches to prove it. I hope i can get there again this week, maybe even tomorrow. after the trail, we ducked into whole foods and grabbed some fruit, yogurt, bagels, etc…

on a bit of a separate note, i have days where i just feel incredibly fatigued. perhaps more than the running warrants. i think i am gonna go see a doc and get some blood work done. it may just be iron deficiency. other than that, feeling physically ok. i’m watching olympics whenever i get a chance and am constantly in awe of these tremendous athletes. 

and, coach is doing his thing on the app. trail and i am just beside myself with excitement and inspiration. i’d addicted to the blog and all the updates. so freakin cool!

Week Running Totals: 40.5 Miles

2 Responses to “the latest”

  1. Yeah, well that run kicked my @ss! I dont see how you can do that loop twice! Rock on!

  2. well, get ready…cause you’re going out there again and doing 2 loops! 🙂

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