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Overall, had a solid week last week, posting 36 miles. Highlight was Saturday long run. I went out to Kennesaw Battlefield. I wanted to try and stay out there for 3.5 – 4 hours. Well, that was the goal. I began about 8am and weather was good. Not too hot or humid. I parked my car and began the route on a different part of the trail…basically a different entry point to the “Loop” trail. This way I could mix it up a bit and also not carry all my gels and such if i needed to stop back by the car. I ran one full loop and then another 6 miles of the smalled “loop”. Some parts of trail are wide, others narrow. Full of up and down, but not very technical. After the first full loop, I noticed how much in a groove I was…like I was just kinda hanging out running. I didn’t care about pace or anything. I stopped at 16 miles which = 3 hours. I felt ok about it because I had more running to do on Sunday and i knew if I went another hour, I would not be in good shape for Sunday.

I did 2 runs on Sunday. This marks another weekend of running 2x on a Sunday. I’ve done several in a row now. I’m getting used to it and it feels good. But, basically this means that all i do on the weekends are this: sleep, run, eat, rest; repeat.

I am getting excited about the race although right now I just feel very tired. I mean fatigue. I don’t know if i need to get my blood checked or what, but it is becoming frustrating. I am not sore. I am TIRED!! It doesn’t seem like the running alone would contribute to this, but maybe it is. I have also been very busy with my work. I did make a doctor appointment, but it won’t be anytime soon unless i get in somewhere else. I’m also thinking of consulting a nutrionist. I think there is one at my gym.

If anyone out there has any thoughts on this fatigue issue, i would be happy to hear them.

On a separate note, Karl has had to take a break on his AT adventure. He is having an injury issue. Check out Where’s Karl to read more and send positive thoughts!!!

TOTAL MILEAGE = 36 miles

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