A turtle, a butterfly & war wounds

Back at Kennesaw Battlefield trails on Sunday. Got a late start cause I slept in (and could have kept sleeping). I am able to sleep in a bit now as we are having a very unusual August in terms of temperatures. Typically, August is the hottest month for Atlanta, but not so this year. Of course, this is absolutley fine by me. It’s been a wonderful reprieve. Humidity is still high, but temps have dropped some.

So, back to the trails. I started at the same location as last week; geared up with water and about 3 gels. About 1-2 miles in, i was looking down and there was a decent sized turtle there on the trail. TURTLE. It was actually pretty cute to see it. There he/she was just chugging along trying to make their way to the other side of the trail. I quickly stepped around/over turtle and kept going. Pretty cool. I have to say, I WAS moving a BIT faster than the turtle. But, not much. HA!

As beautiful as it was out there, I was ready to stop after 1 hour. Then 2 hours. Right after the 2 hour mark, i felt like i just kinda got into a zone…not a “high”, but as if i’m in a trance or something…with not a care in the world. I wonder what is happening in my brain at that time…what is my body’s physiological response? Somewhere around this time, I saw a large, yellow, beautiful butterfly pass in front of me. Really, really pretty.

And then i started to get a sense of the wounds taking place; the CHAFING wounds. I usually put on some body glide, but for some STUPID reason, today I didn’t. I could feel the area underneath my sportsbra on my back just rip into my skin. AUUUUGGGGHH. My shorts were drenched and even though, I wasn’t in any pain yet between my thighs, I knew i soon would be. But…I still had to complete the run. The final stretch is just over 1/2 mile of a semi-steep climb….the last thing i want after running for 3hrs. But, I bucked up and said to myself, “c’mon, make it up, all the way to the top.” My legs were burning and as I was pumping my arms, i felt like i had nothing in my gut, just pure will. I made it to the top and my heart was beating fast. Good to know I’m so alive!!!

Sure enough, the CHAFING pain kicked in pretty soon. I drove home and hopped in the shower and pain sounds were abundant in my little bathroom…the water, hot or cold, splashing against my raw skin was pain i would not wish on an enemy. It had never been this bad for me. It continued to hurt for rest of day and because of that, I was not able to do a 2nd run as i have been doing these past Sundays. I kinda missed it, actually.

WEEK TOTAL = 33+/_ miles

One Response to “A turtle, a butterfly & war wounds”

  1. You’ve had some ups and downs, sure, but it sounds like you’re well on your way to having success on the 6th. You are supposed to feel tired right now. As long as you’re not otherwise sick, I’m sure that the cumulative effect of all this running has you down. Make sure you get a good taper in soon and you’ll be ready to rock and roll!

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