It’s almost time…

Currently, it is 730pm on Thursday and I am sitting at a quaint neighborhood restaurant. Had some pizza and a salad. I will head home soon and starting packing for the short flight up north to Washington DC in the morning. I checked weather and it looks like Saturday, race day, will be a rainy day. Looks like the rain is from the hovering hurricanes. So, I guess i better pack for some wet conditions. 

I’m feeling excited, for sure. Anxious and nervous too, of course. I’m excited to get back out there again and see if I can do THIS!! The past few days have been weird with the low low mileage and all…it’s funny how our bodies get so accustomed to the “routine”. I did a little 3 miler yesterday after work and i was so relieved…i felt like i could breathe again. AHHHH…

I’m looking forward to the whole experience, the adventure, the location/scenery. I know I have trained, and now I get to put myself through the test. Now, i really get to push and i know i will have to accept the pain and keep moving. 

I will need to DIG DEEP. 

I’m ready to do just that!!


Cheers! Train smart, train strong!! Go for your dreams!!!

One Response to “It’s almost time…”

  1. Have a great race and a good time in DC!

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