Part III: Oh, Beautiful for spacious skies…

Sunday woke up with an idea to go into DC and get a good run in before having to head to the airport. Woke up at 7, jumped out of bed and got dressed. Had to wear my still very wet ASICS trail shoes as there was no way I could wear my dry Salomon trail shoes. I headed out to our country’s capital on a truly stunningly beautiful day!! Clear blue skies, not a cloud in site. Unbelievable…the luck that we had yesterday!! I parked right next to albert einstein memorial (near vet memorial) and ran along the park trail. Tons of runners out at 8am!! Ran by washington monument and lincoln memorial and along a route beside the Potomac. Following this route awhile and then I took a turn up into Georgetown. I have been to the area twice before and was neat to be there again. Such cool architecture and neat shops. Passing thru Georgetown, I then headed back to the Capital, seeing Jefferson Memorial in the distance and of course, lots of other buildings like the Smithsonian, Dept of the Interior, etc…

As I ran, I had so many different emotions…emotions related to the area and the history that I was passing through…I felt sadness, hope, humility, embarrassment, pride, strangely patriotic, and very confused over the state of the country and of the world. I felt small in a good way. Smallness reminding me of a bigger picture…of getting away from my own self and remembering how much is going on out there for so many people and so much going on that I have no idea about. But, I did not feel insignificant. We are all significant. In all our own ways….we are all very significant and capable of great things every single day. As I was finishing my 12 mile run, I grew determined. No rain, sleet, mud, hurricane or otherwise will keep me down or keep me from my dreams. I hope you will always pursue yours too, whatever they may be.

Go. Live. Be GREAT.

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