OK, did you notice I have changed by site AGAIN?? Are you wondering why? Are you thinking, “sheesh..why does this chick keep changing her site?” Well, I just wanted to…I was never really too keen on the white background. I am back to a black background and i like it. a lot! i think this design is pretty cool. 

Training has been light this week. Mentally, I was just in a weird place after having the north face race cancelled. I mean its a bit challenging when i train, train, train and then fly, rent a car, pay for hotel and find out all lis for nothing, basically. It’s like the FUN was all taken away. So, mentally, i was in a weird place. Couple that with some very long work days and trying to figure out a new race to do….and not a lot of running got done. 

Trailing 5 runs =

sept 13: 4 miles – outside, hills

sept 11: 4 miles – treadmill

sept 9: 3 miles – treadmill

sept 7: 12 miles approx. – washington dc

sept 6: 12 miles approx. – trail, great falls park, va

This morning, i decided i was gonna try and not use my car today. And, I was successful. I didn’t have any coffee at home, so that meant I had to go get some. After pondering my choices, I decided to walk about 1/2 mile up the street to Aurora Coffee. It’s not the best, but the best that was within good walking distance. Afterwards, i came home and ran a little 4 miler through my neighborhood. It was about 11:45am; about 80 degrees and 80% humidity. nice. A bit later in the afternoon, I needed groceries and i could have actually walked to the grocery store, but i decided to ride my bike…which i had not been on in sooo long. I pumped up the tires, put my backpack on and headed off to Publix, about 1 mile away from my house. I bought just enough things to fill my pack and headed back home. I gotta tell ya, I feel pretty great about all this. It is cool to DELIBERATELY not drive. I wish i could do more of it tomorrow, but i cannot. I am meeting a colleague from work to go for a trail run. The location is about 20 miles away and there is no way i can ride my bike, run for about 2 hours on trail and then ride back home. Maybe next year. I’m looking forward to the run cause my colleague and I have never run together before and I think he is awesome. Just a good guy, ya know. 

See ya. Train hard. Train smart.

2 Responses to “changes”

  1. So glad to see that you found a new race. And there will be plenty more after that. It looks like you’re making the best of a less-than-ideal (to say the least) situation. Keep training and keep those goals in sight!

  2. thx Josh. appreciate it

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