there is no title, damnit

i left work. i walked over to the Target parking lot where my car was parked. i changed my clothes in the car. business suit off. shorts, shirt, running shoes on. i put on my new nathan pack just to try it out for this run…this run which i badly wanted to wipe away the stress, worry, and confusion of the day. 5 miles later, i still felt the same. DAMN! Perhaps I should heed the words of Winston Churchill who said, “difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” For certain, I am in battle. 

Trailing 3

Sept 17: 5.2 miles

Sept 15: 2.0 miles – fast, steep hills

Sept 14: 7.38 miles – trail, 90% humidity, w/ work buddy 

The trail run on sunday w/ my buddy from work was freakin hard. so freakin humid at 7:30am. 90%. My heart rate was way up there on the hills. Ugghh. Was great to have my buddy there. we kept each other going.

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