Birthday Blues

After my nearly 5 hour flight to sfo and another 30 minute waiting in rental car line, I finally am at the rental car counter. As the guy is checking me in, he says “oh, your license expires today” (I realized this only the day before and of course had no time to renew it and brought my passport along just in case I had trouble at airport) Rental car guy continues, “well, we can’t rent to you since you’d be driving beyond today, it would be unlawful for us”. So, there I am at sfo rental center freaking out on my birthday. Everywhere I need to go is 1-2 hours away, what the hell am I gonna do?? He then mentioned there was a less than reputable place nearby that might be able to help me. Well, 2 taxis for 55 bucks later , I get to this shady rental outfit and get a car. A beat up, disgusting, dirty interior toyota for 33 bucks a day. No questions asked about my expired license. I didn’t care. It wasn’t pretty, but it had 4 wheels, so I took it. I had my ride for the next 4 days. What a way to start my trip on my freaking birthday. Aren’t things suppossed to go smoother? Doesn’t the universe KNOW!!

Stay Tuned…it Does get better…really!

One Response to “Birthday Blues”

  1. Wow. Crazy. I’ll bet it most definitely gets better. 🙂

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