The Birthday: 2nd half

I finally made it to downtown sf around 4pm. I was starving so I grabbed a sandwich at Specialtys and  scarfed it down. Can’t remember last time I ate so fast! I then made my way to Kelly’s office. She had b-day presents for me. Yeah!! It was a great thing to see a friends kind face after the near disaster I experienced!! We talked a little and then I opened my treats! Her mom got me a pound of PEETS coffee!! Kelly gave me a iTunes gift card, which I will be so delighted to use many times. The 2nd gift she game me requires more of an explantion. Months and months ago, we had been either talking or emailing about the Golden State Warriors. (For those who don’t know, this is the bay area NBA team we both cheer for) I’ve been a long time fan and finally, we are getting some exciting teams to cheer about after years of severe drought! Some of the players now wear white headbands with the warrior logo on the front. It looks super cool and I told kelly long ago I wanted one. Well, she remembered! So, this was my 2nd gift; a cool-ass Warrior headband!

We then parted and I made my way to my hotel in Mill Valley. I stayed at The Acqua Hotel. I cannot tell you how happy I was to arrive. I was so exhausted by the time I arrived and it showed on my face when I greeted the front desk folks. “Wow, you look like you could use a glass of wine. Can we bring you a glass?” WOW. How cool is that? I had to decline because I knew I would go out soon for dinner and didn’t want a drink just then…Acqua Hotel is a boutique hotel that sits right next to a small portion of the bay. I mean, you walk out the back entrance and you are right there next to the water. Pretty freakin cool and exactly what i needed. WATER. SOOTHING. CALMNESS. AHHH…I looked to the left and saw Marin Headlands. I looked to my right and saw Mount Tamalpais. AHHH…all worth it. The money. The near disasters. All worth it. Clear blue sky day. My near disaster kept me from having the time to get a run in and so after showering, i made my way into downtown Mill Valley for dinner at a favorite italian restaurant. I had a Cosmo, a yummy salad and wonderful pizza. After being fully fed and relaxed, I went back to the hotel, snuggled into bed and watched the new Season’s of Grey’s Anatomy. 2nd Half of birthday was much, much better!!

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