I finally get a run in..and then, the main event..

Friday morning woke up & went down the hall into the breakfast room. A huge room with all kinds of breakfast goodies and all FREE. This wasn’t your Holiday Inn continental breakfast; this was many notches above! Oatmeal, several cereal options, hard boiled eggs, coffee, fresh orange juice, apple juice, bagels, muffins, pastries, and a waffle iron so you could make your own waffle. I was the only one around at 630am. I just grabbed a coffee and toasted 1/2 bagel and put some peanut butter on it. Again, a glorious clear day outside. I got dressed and headed out to the streets. I figured I would run flat today and hilly on sunday. I ran from the hotel and into downtown mill valley and back. A smooth and easy 6 miler with one hill in both directions. I kept taking deep breaths of these fresh northern california air. It was truly delicious. I was so happy. 

I returned to hotel, cleaned up and headed up to Petaluma for the main event of the trip: my good friend’s wedding. 

The wedding was very small and intimate and held outside at 11:00am in a little park near downtown Petaluma. It was only the 2nd wedding I have ever been to. My friend, of course, looked gorgeous as usual and looked so happy. This was truly HER DAY. As the wedding parties started to walk down the isle, it was quiet except for some beautiful music in the background. To my surprise, I got really choked up immediately and my eyes were pools of water throughout the ceremony. I was so honored to be there and be a witness to a friend i have had for 18 years. To be a part of this significant ritual was amazing. They read their beautiful vows to one another and i kept wiping the tears as they streamed down my cheeks. It was just sooo moving. In those moments, i knew i was right where i needed to be; all the hem-hawing about whether I was going to actually take this trip was gone; it was ALL WORTH IT. What a privilege to simply be a witness.

2 Responses to “I finally get a run in..and then, the main event..”

  1. sounds wonderful! So glad to see that your birthday weekend ended up being so nice, despite a rough start. how was your hilly run on Sunday? that is beautiful country up there.

  2. Are you racing in Tennessee tomorrow? Have a great race!

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