That Hill

That hill you’re approaching? It wants to eat you alive. All hills do. They were put on your running route for just that reason – to shock your lungs and suck the bounce from your quads. Hills have a signed contract with your psyche, that inner goon who doesn’t believe – who never believes – that you’ll make it. dread a hill is to give it way too much power. Only you can work out your relationship  to the hill you’re on. Only you can outrun that inner goon who has no faith in you at all. You’d best do it quickly. The faster you run it, the sooner you’re over it and enjoying it on the way down.

-from a runners world article, Oct 2008


2 Responses to “That Hill”

  1. That’s a good one.

    Lately, I feel like it’s all hill.

  2. afuntanilla Says:

    hang in there! it will get better. it will all get better!

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