catching up and then some…

I write from a beautiful inn in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Just 30 miles north of San Diego. I arrived a few hours ago and have settled in. This is less than a 2-day work trip and not one that I really wanted to do, but now that i am here, it’s nice. I have my own “cottage” at the Inn, which is built in a spanish style and reminds me a lot of Santa Barbara, CA. My room is huge; king size bed, very tall ceiling with wood beams, a stone fireplace and a humongous, gorgeous bathroom. It’s about 85 degrees outside now with clear blue skies. I swear I feel like I’m in one of those soap opera settings..maybe the Bold and the Beautiful. Oh, did i mention this is a free trip. yeah, it’s free. I realize that part of me feels guilty. Guilty for I don’t even know how to explain…

Obviously, for those that know what I do, my work continues to be monstrously stressful, exhausting and worrisome. My work partner was the one scheduled to come on this trip, but at last minute had to cancel, so i have taken his place. I know i will get something out of the main event tomorrow, but I also have a really tough time just being away from the office right now.

Since my 5k race last Saturday, here is what I have done: 

Sunday: 5.10 miles am run, hiils; 2nd workout: stair repeats at the track stadium & stregth exercises. The stairs kicked my butt!

Wednesday: 3.6 miles (p.m.)

Thursday: 2.1 miles (a.m) pre-flight

As you can see, not much. Monday and Tuesday I was not feeling good at all. My body started to feel achy and like I was on the verge of sickness. I chugged down a from BOLTHOUSE, which has a ton of Vitamins, especially C. I rested on Tuesday and also took some Emergen-C. Yesterday, after my 5.10 miler, i felt refreshed and happy. It was a sunny, but cool early evening and afterwards I was able to talk to my buddy, Kash, who manages The Big Peach shoe store which is where I had parked. Got up early this morning and snuck in 2 miles before the 4 hour flight west. I hope to get a run in late afternoon tomorrow after my work event has finished. Have a great weekend everyone. 



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