I woke in the still morning darkness, happily so as that meant the hour was an early one. I rose and lit the bergamont tobacco candle, flicked on a small light and went to make some Gaia Organic Coffee from Peets, of course. I love the quiet of a  fall sunday  morning. Not too many sounds around, just maybe some shifting of the leaves. I poured my cup of coffee, grabbed a clif bar and some water and slid back into bed. I wrote some lines in my journal, putting down onto paper some of the  recent ramblings, feelings and perceptions inside my head.  It felt like a long time since I had shared with my most trusted source….
After the catharsis, I was ready to rise more fully. I went online and checked the temperatures. 39 degrees. I put my running gear on(as it turned out, more than I needed..), slipped my iPod on and headed out the door going east. The streets were empty and I ran down the middle. Free. After 2 days of being house and bed bound with a cold, I was so happy to get out and move again. Get out and breathe again. What a pleasure to feel my heart beat faster and my lungs fill and empty, fill   and   empty. I noticed all the many political signs in the yards…relieved to see sooo many for the party that I, too, will cast my vote for this coming tuesday. I noticed the Halloween decorations still hanging from the trees and in the windows; the ghost holiday is passed and now its November. Time for a different feeling and intention. As I made my final small climb and then my final right hand turn, my new friend Bryn Christopher joined me. I got fired up as he said: …show me the answers I need to know; what I’m gonna live for, what I’m gonna die for, who you gonna fight for, I can’t answer that..

6 good miles

One Response to “sunday”

  1. “relieved to see sooo many for the party that I, too, will cast my vote for this coming tuesday”
    Isn’t it funny how reassuring that can be? Especially when you’re running and out of breath as it is.

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