Freedom of Speech: an open Letter to ABC

With much disappointment and then disgust, I read about the “casting away” of Brooke Smith (aka Dr. Erica Hanh) on Greys Anatomy. Not only was the lesbian storyline exciting, refreshing, and fun to follow, it was also what has made the show all the more interesting this season.

Here is some insight for you: “Meredith” and “Derek” is a storyline incredibly old, boring and pathetic and if you want some insight on chemistry-“Alex” and “Izzy” have zero,  “Callie” and “George” had zero and “Izzy” and “George” had MAJOR zero.

Maybe you don’t know if yet, but the year is 2008, not 1920 or 1950.  It should not be a big deal to have a gay or lesbian storyline on primetime tv and your decision sure doesn’t help the matter. Maybe if you Powers that Be actually got some GUTS, more acceptance and mainstream the whole gay/lesbian thing would be and NOT BE SUCH A BIG FREAKING DEAL!

For what it is worth, I liked “Erica’s” character. She was a tough doctor and she acted well. The storyline with “Callie” was a delightful surprise I am sorry to see end. I am not alone in saying that I was looking forward to seeing the story develop. EVEN SOME PROGRESSIVE HETEROSEXUAL people were looking forward to it. And now, you’ve killed it. Thanks. For nothing.

Go back to your offices and get some balls, er…i mean, GUTS!

One Response to “Freedom of Speech: an open Letter to ABC”

  1. I agree. And, if you want to let ABC know here’s the link:

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