the stars align themselves

met this cool cat last night while Dylan & I dined at Nan in Atlanta

Charles Barkley

For those MIGHT not know who this is: Charles Barkley, ex-great NBA Player. Current NBA Analyst on TNT. He is charming, handsome, HUGE, and a great sense of humor. FUN!

4 Responses to “the stars align themselves”

  1. Very cool! Did you talk to him? He was nice? That’s awesome. Great rant the other day too. What an up and down (emotionally and financially) time we live in! Hopefully Prop 8 is one of those growing-pains that will get “fixed” in the long (or medium) run.

  2. afuntanilla Says:

    hey josh. yes, i did talk to him. asked him if he was really considering running for Governor of Alabama(his home state) and he said he is considering it. He was very cool. I got his autograph on the back of my valet parking ticket!

  3. SO much cooler than the famous people I run into.

  4. yep, from me “who’s that?” as you come unglued đŸ˜‰

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