weekend wrap

Woke up early Saturday morning and saw the streets were wet from intermittent rain throughout the night. A lot of pretty leaves had fallen, but there were still plenty of the trees. It felt like a big decision of where to run. I wanted to run among the beauty, but I also wanted to run along PEACHTREE Rd cause i may run the Thanksgiving Day 1/2 marathon which is all along Peachtree. hmmm… well, i decided i would go for the more aesthetically pleasing route and include some hills along the way. I also didn’t have any gels, so I decided to run from my house onto and along Ponce de Leon and into Decatur. I could make a quick pit stop at THE BIG PEACH and then continue on…which is exactly what I did. The guys who work there are cool cats and we all know each other from runnin’. I got a few gels for today and tomorrow and continued on. If you ever come to Atlanta, running along the Ponce de Leon corridor is one of the prettiest places to run, regardless of season. I circled back and returned along the less attractive College and then Dekalb Aves. My aim at the start was 10, but at 8, i decided that was enough. 

At 5pm, I headed down to midtown for a rally/protest/candlelight vigil for gay marriage. LOTS of folks showed up and it was neat to be a part of it all. Lots of people driving by honked their horns and/or waved in support. Lots of good signs up! The crowd was a mix of the following: gay/straight/women/men/black/white/asian/hispanic/children…nice! There’s a lot of work to do…especially here in Georgia, which is one of the only states WITHOUT a HATE CRIME LAW. I swear….sometimes I wonder what i am doing here…

Sunday morning woke up a little later. About 10 degrees cooler. Started run at 41 degrees and WINDY. Today was the peachtree day. I had my beauty yesterday. Today was no looking around and feeling all good about the surroundings. Today was all on sidewalks and looking straight ahead and getting up the moderate, yet very long climb from the edge of Buckhead and into downtown and then back. Nothing fancy. Nothing extremely attractive about it. Just cold and windy. 6.56 miles

I have not decided yet if i will run on the holiday. i’m already passed the point where I could get a cheaper registration fee, so i can even wait til last minute to decide. i want to see how this week and next weekend go and then pull the trigger. 

Wherever you are, run gently out there.

Nov 16th: 6.56 miles, 1:03:08, 9:38 pace

Nov 15th: 8 miles, 1:20:46, 10:06 pace

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  1. A lot of times I think we’d be great running friends. And not just for the running.

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