new stuff

Isn’t it just sooo great to get new runnin’ stuff??? I just LOVE it. Since it has gotten cold and I hadn’t been able to find my little black gloves, I wanted to get some new ones. Last Tuesday, i was talking to my pal at work who is also a runner. 

me: I’m going to Dick’s (sporting goods) to get us some gloves.

pal: (smiling) yeah! I’ll pay you back

me: no, i don’t want you to. i just want you to have something for your hands in the mornings.

pal: ok. then, later i’ll go and get us hats. 

me: i don’t need a hat, but you get one for you.

And with that, I was off to Dick’s. And what do i see when i first walk in the door. A hat that i want!! (i don’t need one. I have a black Asics beanie hat) But, there it was before my eyes a really cool looking one. It was fleece, all grey with a orange trim. With a little Reebok logo. It was cool! I didn’t buy it. I looked around and bought us each a black pair of Nike gloves and then looked in the men’s section at the LIVESTRONG shirts. I already have a mossy-like green one, but I have always wanted another cause i love it. I looked and they were now on sale. YIPPEE. I got a swanky new black one! On sale. I paid for my things and then went back to the office. My pal liked her gloves. 

Me: ok, i changed my mind on the hat. I saw one i wanted.

Pal: ok, i’ll go later and get us hats. 

Yeah, now i have new hat, gloves and shirt. I’ve been wearing the hat at least once a day. At night while going to the store, or just walking around the house, and oh, while running. 

November 23: 5.64 miles, 55:05, 9:46 pace – Peachtree Rd, HILLY

November 22: 5.1 miles, 50:10, 9:50 pace – hilly

November 20: 3.1 miles, 30:10, 9:43 pace- neighborhood 

November 18: 2.9 miles, 28:18, 9:42 pace – cold/windy – neighborhood

I think although my paces are not improving (and I haven’t been working on it) I do feel stronger with all the hills I have been running. I have taken a break from the gym, so no treadmill. There is virtually no flat lands around so it’s by default really. I’m glad. I gotta keep getting my legs strong. I still have not decided on running 1/2 marathon on thanksgiving. I do, however, have a free race # from someone who can’t use it, so that’s cool. I don’t really know why I am hesitating…I guess cause I know i am not in that distance for “race shape”. I’d be happy with a 2:05. We’ll see.

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