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oh, birmingham…

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scan92I went to Wolf Camera yesterday to have them make a disc of some photos I had in hard copy. Here is one from the Birmingham Half-Marathon from 2007. The shots the photographers got were pretty great, in my opinion. I hope to get back to that race in 2009!!

In the Kitchen

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Now that I have a kitchen i like, i have been inspired to actually cook! Mind you, i can only make a few things now and so I trying to broaden my capabilities! I started the other night with trying to make spaghetti. I checked out a recipe online and went at it. It looked pretty simple. it was going fine…i was rolling along chopping and letting sauce cook and simmer. The spaghetti noodles were about to be done so i went to grab the colander ….hmmm…cannot find the colander! what the hell?? yep, NO colander. I have no idea where it is. I had one at my old place and i already unpacked all the kitchen boxes so where could it be…? I still  don’t know. I had to somehow drain the spaghetti without using a colander which was um…interesting! Soon enough, I mixed noodles with sauce and sat down to eat my first real cooking in my new place. It was decent. The sauce ended up being not saucey enough and maybe needed some garlic (which recipe did not call for). Other than that, it was edible enough for me. I’ll try a different recipe next time cause I want to be able to make an awesome pot of spaghetti! 

My next stab at cooking was last night when I attempted to make Watercress Soup. I bought a new soup book from Borders for $6!  Why I picked this particular out of all  of them I don’t know. i guess cause it called for a very small amount of ingredients. and i had it before and remembered it tasting good. So, i’ve got all my ingredients and am pleasantly pulling the leaves from the watercress stalks (which is not all that pleasant). I looked at the recipe and was trying to figure out how many potatoes it called for. Here is how is it written in book: 8 oz/225 g potatoes. Is it 8 oz of potatoes? or 8 potatoes that each weigh 225 g? I’m sorry, but me and following recipes is still a very new thing so I didn’t know. it may be common sense to some, but not for this girl! I had a bag of potatoes and i looked at the info on them and each one was 148 g/5.3 oz. ok, so that helped. since i was scaling down the recipe in size, i just added 1 potato. OK. I was then ready to put the contents into blender. In the blender they go and after pushing the blend or whatever button, the top of blender almost entirely came off! Green stuff spouting out and spraying all over. Not too much, but you know what i mean! Not to mention, on my skin and it was HOT! Oh, well…i kept going with blending it and then i tried a different button on blender..i don’t know what it was now..maybe puree? THAT WAS EVEN WORSE. More green liquid spayed all over the counter. AHHHHHH….what is a wanna-be cook to do??? It looked pretty well blended by then, so i transferred to saucepan and re-heated a little, as recipe said. After spending MANY minutes cleaning up the green mess, I finally poured some in a bowl and tasted it. Well? Kinda watery and bland. I had some newly bought Point Reyes Blue Cheese so I added a bit of that and it made it a little better. Maybe I needed another potato? Oh well. I ate my bowl. I was still hungry. I went and got one slice of wheat bread, salami and jack cheese and ate that too. THAT WAS GOOD! 

AHHHHH….this little wanna-be chef is NOT gaining any confidence here…..but I know i must keep on. First, I gotta find the damn colander!!

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The Big Peach local running store was having a few days of “no sales tax”, so of course I had to go and see if there was something I wanted…shoes, of course. I actually needed a new pair of road shoes so i decided to head over there after work. Am now the proud owner of a sweet pair of Saucony Ride sneaks. Did a short, hilly 3 miler afterwards and felt good. Cold, but good.

Came home and came across something that just felt right. Was doing something online and came across TOYS for TOTS charity. So, I donated. Hopefully my small gift will bring a smile to an unfortunate kids face. pretty neat. I’m grateful to be able to give.

Happy Holidays to all!

Dec 23: 3 miles, 28:22, 9:27 pace – streets
Dec 21: am workout 5 miles, 48:09, 9:38 pace – outside, pm workout 3 miles, 25:57, 8:39 pace, treadmill
Dec 20: 4.2 miles, 40 min, 9:31 pace – outside. followed by
10 mile BIKE ride, 41:45
Dec 18: 4 miles, 37:56, 9:28 pace – outside
Dec 16: 3 miles, outside

Running going ok. Need to start cranking out more miles though. I finally figured out that my schedule will allow me to run the Mercedes Half-Marathon in Birmingham in February! Yeah, I am psyched. I LOVE THAT RACE. I will be going for an under 2 hour finish, which would be a PR for that distance. I’m psyched to now have a solid goal on the books. Cheers!


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it’s interesting to notice the things that bring a feeling of comfort. sometimes, it’s coming in from the bitter cold and feeling the warmth on my face and hands. sometimes, it’s sliding into my bed after a long hard day. sometimes, it’s a really good cup of hot cocoa.
the other day it was something entirely different. in one of my boxes i had yet to unpack, i came across an old medium sized manila envelope. inside i found my birth certificate. and, my mom’s death certificate. and both were comforting.

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“there were times today as i thought about the marathon and i wondered if i can really do it. can i finish the long journey of 26.2 miles? honestly, i don’t know. i think i can. i believe i can.”

-me, journal entry May 28, 2000

I am not a half-asser

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One of the things my mom taught me was not to do anything half-ass. Nothing used to bother her more than giving any of us a chore to do and see us do it half-ass. Better not to do it at all, she would say. AMEN!
I am not a half-asser, people. I don’t do things half-ass. Sometimes, this is a double-edged sword because the intensity causes me to be so self-critical. It’s not about perfection…its about KNOWING inside that I did my best. today. That I WAS my best. today. Nothing bothers ME more than knowing I am not giving all i can…not doing the best I can. I just cannot live that way…half-ass. I don’t do my job like that. I don’t love like that. Hell, I don’t even LIKE like that. I am full in. I don’t get into relationships because I am lonely or cannot stand to be alone…I will be there because I am truly there and ready to LIVE in the experience, not just hang out and pass time together. At work today, I felt like I was in a tunnel, so focused and unwavering in what I needed to do. And today, that was good. I was all the way IN. And if you have followed my musings, you will know i don’t “exercise” in the half-ass world either. I don’t just put on some clothes and take a jog around the block when the weather is good. Give it to me. Give me the ice storms and the cold and the pounding rain; give me the blinding heat and the torturous humidity. Half-Ass living is not living in my book. It’s sort of like cheating, isn’t it? I don’t know about you but i cannot be happy with a half-ass effort. A half-ass job done.

Also, If you have been around, you might be familiar with a quote I know i have shared more than once.

“i want to be thoroughly used up when i die” (G.B. Shaw)

yes, that’s it. that is my point. i want my body, my mind, my heart and soul to be so thoroughly used up at the end of each day and at the end of my life. i want there to be nothing left. when my body turns to ashes and is swept out to sea, that will be all.

“The sufi opens his hands to the universe
and gives away each instant, free.
Unlike someone who begs on the street for money to survive
a dervish begs to give you his life.” – Rumi

thought this was neat..

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Fall in love or fall in hate.
Get inspired or be depressed.
Ace a test or flunk a class.
Make babies or make art.
Speak the truth or lie and cheat.
Dance on tables or sit in the corner.
Life is divine chaos. Embrace it.
Forgive yourself. Breath.
And enjoy the ride.

oh, yeah…I HAVE been running.
Dec 14: 3.1 miles, 29:09, 9:24 pace – treadmill
Dec 13: 3.3 miles, 33:00, 10:00 pace – outside
Dec 12: 5 miles, 49:26, 9:53 pace – outside
Dec 10: 4 miles, 37:48, 9:27 pace – treadmill
Dec 8: 2.4 miles, 20:38, 8:35 pace – treadmill
Dec 7: 4 miles, 39:47, 9:57 pace – outdoors

ironman on tv

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Hawaii IRONMAN Triathlon will air on TV today at 2:30EST. Check local listings if you are interested. I know where I will be at 2:30pm!


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I went to see the film MILK last night. A couple of times during, some tears formed in my eyes and fell. At the end, I was just overcome. Silent tears streamed down my cheeks. And my heart ached.

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somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond
any experience,your eyes have their silence:
in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,
or which i cannot touch because they are too near…