more happiness…

I told ya happiness is many things in my last post and i’m here again to tell you more! 

I moved into new place this past Monday and ever since I have been taking a shower without a shower curtain because I have just simply not had the time to really look for one I want….you know, to match the colors of the bathroom and all. So, yeah…i’ve been taking a shower like this all week and doing pretty well at NOT making a mess. Well, today I was able to get a new shower curtain that is to my liking. 

After I left work and before I came home to my new place, I had to go by my old place to move some more stuff. On the way, I went to coffee shop to get a jolt in the form of a little 8 ounce cappuccino. I’ve also become friendly with a young guy who works there and I knew today was his last day so I wanted to go by and see him before he leaves town. ANYWAYS, he asked me what I had been up to:

me: I moved so I have been busy with that all week. 

coffee guy: oh cool, where.

me: not to0 far away. over on sheridan rd. the place is brand new. everything is new. I get to take a shower in a place where no one has taken a shower before. 

coffee guy looks at me with wide eyes and smiling: wow. I wouldn’t even begin to know what that feels like.

Well…after carting more things from old place to new place and putting more stuff away, I finally put up the new shower liner and curtain. Then, I took a shower. And you know what? 


No worries about water splashing or nothin’. I could just rest my tired head and let the hot water wash over me. All this week, I surely could have taken a bath, but I am not a bath person unless my body is really hurtin’ from some kick-ass running. That day, though, will come. And I will look forward to the day when I come in from a run… tired, beat-up, sore and aching and cannot wait to get into my big peaceful new tub! For now, it’s shower time. 

On the running side: did 3 short runs on Tues, Wed, Thurs this week.

2 Responses to “more happiness…”

  1. Reading this reminded me of that shower you had when you were in that place on Piedmont ave. It made me laugh! What an improvement, huh?

  2. afuntanilla Says:

    you said it sister! i now have the biggest bathroom i’ve EVER HAD! yippee

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