thought this was neat..

Fall in love or fall in hate.
Get inspired or be depressed.
Ace a test or flunk a class.
Make babies or make art.
Speak the truth or lie and cheat.
Dance on tables or sit in the corner.
Life is divine chaos. Embrace it.
Forgive yourself. Breath.
And enjoy the ride.

oh, yeah…I HAVE been running.
Dec 14: 3.1 miles, 29:09, 9:24 pace – treadmill
Dec 13: 3.3 miles, 33:00, 10:00 pace – outside
Dec 12: 5 miles, 49:26, 9:53 pace – outside
Dec 10: 4 miles, 37:48, 9:27 pace – treadmill
Dec 8: 2.4 miles, 20:38, 8:35 pace – treadmill
Dec 7: 4 miles, 39:47, 9:57 pace – outdoors

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