The Big Peach local running store was having a few days of “no sales tax”, so of course I had to go and see if there was something I wanted…shoes, of course. I actually needed a new pair of road shoes so i decided to head over there after work. Am now the proud owner of a sweet pair of Saucony Ride sneaks. Did a short, hilly 3 miler afterwards and felt good. Cold, but good.

Came home and came across something that just felt right. Was doing something online and came across TOYS for TOTS charity. So, I donated. Hopefully my small gift will bring a smile to an unfortunate kids face. pretty neat. I’m grateful to be able to give.

Happy Holidays to all!

Dec 23: 3 miles, 28:22, 9:27 pace – streets
Dec 21: am workout 5 miles, 48:09, 9:38 pace – outside, pm workout 3 miles, 25:57, 8:39 pace, treadmill
Dec 20: 4.2 miles, 40 min, 9:31 pace – outside. followed by
10 mile BIKE ride, 41:45
Dec 18: 4 miles, 37:56, 9:28 pace – outside
Dec 16: 3 miles, outside

Running going ok. Need to start cranking out more miles though. I finally figured out that my schedule will allow me to run the Mercedes Half-Marathon in Birmingham in February! Yeah, I am psyched. I LOVE THAT RACE. I will be going for an under 2 hour finish, which would be a PR for that distance. I’m psyched to now have a solid goal on the books. Cheers!

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  1. Oh this is so dorky, but…. OMG, You wear Saucony Rides?? *I* wear Saucony Rides. Holy cow! BFF!

    Okay, running dorkdom over.

    Happy holidays!

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