Let’s Get it Started

I have a few things to say about 2008 – and this might be kinda random, but this is what I’m thinking/remembering right now:
Best Sports moments: Olympic opening ceremonies, watching Michael Phelps swim and win!, Tim Lincecum of SF Giants winning CY Young Award, Mens Wimbledon Final, Mens US OPEN Final
Worst Sports moments: SF Giants dismal season, Cleveland Browns dismal season.
Best personal running memory: Finishing my first 50K Ultra!
Worst personal running memory: Finding out the NORTH FACE 50 Miler I had signed up, trained, paid, and traveled for was CANCELLED.
Favorite personal non-running memories: Seeing my brother for the first time in 19 years, getting promoted at work, re-connecting with an old high school friend I hadn’t been in touch with in 18-19 years, moving, my summer trip to Las Vegas!
Non-favorite personal non-running memories: All my many dental appointments throughout the fall AND winter! UUGGHH!
Favorite Movie: MILK
Favorite Book: a short story i just finished the other night by Dave Eggers called: UP THE MOUNTAIN COMING DOWN SLOWLY (from he book of stories called How We Are Hungry

Thoughts on 2009/running related:
I am signed up for the Birmingham Half-Marathon. So far, that is the first race I’ve signed up for…there is a chance I will sign up for a 10k the weekend before Bham though..
I just now saw there is a Half-Marathon in Rome, GA near Berry College in early March….hmmm. that will be tempting because it is close and I have always wanted to check out the Berry campus as I hear it’s beautiful. Plus, that race is a lot cheaper than the ING race also in March. I really want to aim to beat 2:00 in the half distance. My first test will be B’ham and it will be interesting because they have altered the course some. I have finished 2:03 both times i have raced it before. It does have some hills too, so we’ll see how the change plays out.
Beyond these races in the first few months of 2009, I really haven’t given thought to what else I want to do. THERE ARE SO MANY TO CHOSE FROM!!
Here are some I am thinking of doing(in no particular order): Wissahicken Trail race in Philly, Double Dipsea in SF Bay Area, a race in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona or Utah. That’s about all I can think of right now.
I also am thinking of doing a duathlon sometime this spring.

Non-Running related thoughts for 2009
I want to go somewhere out of the country. I have not been for some time, except Montreal a few years ago. But, I mean REALLy go somewhere…on an adventure…places i am considering: CHILE, GREECE, WEST INDIES, EAST AFRICA. As strange as it may seem, I’ve never taken a real vacation…going somewhere where its not to see friends or due to some other somewhat obligated thing…but to go to a place & GET AWAY & do something truly different. That’s what I want to do this year. That may mean spending less money on travel for races, and that will just have to be ok. I’m excited to find a place to go. An Adventure. A new plan.

Other than ALL that, I just want to NOT see the dentist this year (other than usual cleaning) and to remain healthy.

Here is wishing you all a fantastic new year. make some goals and go get ’em. You can do it!

Jan 1: 6 miles,1 hr, 10:00 pace – outside-cold-hills!
Dec 30: 4 miles, 39:57, 9:57 pace – outside-hills
Dec 29: 2.5 miles, 20:45, 8:18 pace – treadmill
Dec 28: 6 miles, 58:44, 9:47 pace – treadmill
Dec 27: 4.5 miles, 45:05, 10:01 pace – outside – felt awful!
Dec 26: 3 miles, 26:45, 8:55 pace – treadmill
Dec 25: 3.1 miles

2 Responses to “Let’s Get it Started”

  1. Great list and great goals!

  2. thx, girl! i thought you’d like the list! Go to it!

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