past-present motivation

sf marathon 2005

sf marathon 2005

sf marathon 2005

sf marathon 2005

Here are a couple of more photos I recently got scanned onto my computer. Photos from 2005 SF Marathon. One of my most memorable races. For many reasons. 1) I raised money for the first time ever. over $5k and all went to Children’s Hospital in Oakland, CA. 2) ran in honor on my mom who was born in SF 3) finished with a bunch of my friends cheering me on and waiting for me at finish line. It was really great!

The top photo was a section in Golden Gate Park. yes, that is fog in the background. Summer Fog in SF.
The bottom photo is near the finish line. I was so happy. I felt on top of the world right then as I was about to go through the finish banner up above. Unforgettable.

Jan 6: 3.25 miles, 31:07, 9:34 pace – treadmill
Jan 4: 3 miles, 28:35, 9:31 pace – treadmill
Jan 3: 9 miles, 1:34:37, 10:31 pace – outside, all hills, NO FLATS
Jan 2: 6×400 on treadmill; avg pace was 8:12 per 400
Jan 1: 6 miles, 1:00, 10:00 pace – outside

I am really itching to go somewhere. Maybe this weekend???

2 Responses to “past-present motivation”

  1. Thanks! That motivates me, too. Yeah, it’s all about me.

  2. Cool! Hey-whatever works! Go to it!

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