treadmill love

Feb 1: 7.86 miles, 1:18, 9:58 pace – outside, hills, heavy/tired legs

Jan 31: 4 miles, 39:55, 9:58 pace – outside, tired body

Jan 30: 2.5 miles, 23:17, 9:18 pace -treadmill; 6 miles bike – 19:31

Jan 28: 4 miles, 35:53, 8:58 pace – treadmill

Jan 27: 3.5 miles, 31:31, 9:00 pace – treadmill

Jan 25: 6 miles – treadmill

Had to run 4 days last week on treadmill because i was in NJ where temperatures did not get above 26 degrees. Also because the only times i could have run would have been in the dark, so together, these were not good options. I had to LOVE the treadmill. And now that I did my duty, I hope to not go back on for at least another week. Let’s hope the weather cooperates in Atlanta. It sure did this weekend, however I felt pretty tired on both runs outside. The sunshine kept me going, but i was tired. All over tired. I guess it was the being away and traveling and all. The great part about going on treadmill is that I was also able to use weights/machines. All in all, I feel like my legs need to refreshed. Maybe a massage this week. Next race is in 14 days.

4 Responses to “treadmill love”

  1. Oh, yes, always go with YES for massage. 🙂

  2. sounds like training’s going great! i’m sure that being outside in NJ is a heck of a shock compared to Atlanta right now. We’re headed out to LA this weekend and I can’t wait for some sun!

  3. have fun josh — it’s been 19-30 this week in atlanta, so not a whole lot better than NJ. Weekend looks to be better weather…thankfully. train well.

  4. sorry I’ve been a stranger…but I’m back now. glad you learned to love the treadmill. the treadmill’s a friend of my during the snowstorms around here. not the kind of friend I’d invite over for Christmas dinner, but the kind of friend I’d say hi to if I saw them at the grocery store.

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