B’Ham Race Stats

How I fared at the Birmingham Half-Marathon: 

Finish(chip) Time: 2:04:40

female age division: 74 out of 253 

overall female: 445 out of 1518

total finishers: 1296 out of 2956

not too shabby, but now it’s time to do better. 

Last few runs, as it would happen, have all been done with less than 24 hours in between each of them. Not a whole lot of miles, but it still has an effect, which i could definitely feel yesterday. 

Feb 22: 7 miles, 1:11, 10:08 pace – outside

Feb 21: 3 miles, 26:58, 8:59 pace – outside

Feb 20: 3 miles, 26:05, 8:41 pace – treadmill 

Feb 19: 2.17 miles, 20:00, 9:13 pace – treadmill

I’m excited to figure out what’s next! Cheers!

2 Responses to “B’Ham Race Stats”

  1. Nice. Looks like you need to train ME.

  2. Solid run! Any overseas runs you’re looking into?

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