something found

Last night I was reading SKIRT! magazine (which is awesome and I love) and came across something that i dug further into online. It’s about 37 days to live. What would you do if you have 37 days to live? Now, let me say that I already feel I carry around much consciousness of how quickly I could die and to make sure I am living the life I want to live. Trying to live with no regrets. However, just the thought of the specific # of days, 37, got my thinking even more. 

And i will tell you what: i sure as hell would not be worrying about what furniture to put in my place or even buy any. maybe that is why i haven’t done anything in the first place. I’d rather spend money on traveling and running shoes. In fact, maybe that’s a good thing. 

37 days…just THINK about that for a few…

I might take a trip to LA to see if I could snag a kiss from Kate Walsh….hee hee

….right after I head out to Silver Comet for a ride and run. Don’t Waste Time. 

here is the link to the site i found:

2 Responses to “something found”

  1. Hey – sorry to read that you’re feeling down and frustrated. I hope you had a nice weekend and were able to “run out” some of those feelings or just able to put it out of your mind for a few days. Playing that 37 days “game” is fun, but a little scary.

  2. yes, no regret – and money IS for traveling. don’t know about the trans rockies race, though. keep me updated – it’s on my radar but i just might not be able to fit it in. 🙂

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