I’m sitting on my sofa, eating a cherry Starburst. yum. 

ok, so here is what I have done lately:

March 11: 5 mile bike ride, 20: 24 followed by 2.2 mile run, 20:08 – outside. gorgeous day. 

March 10: 3 miles at track. 27:10

March 8: 33 minute run. legs pooped!

March 7: 6 mile run, 54: 31, 9:05 pace followed by 14:50 mile bike, 55:01 – all on Silver Comet Trail

As you can see I am mixing in some cycling. why? cause i just want to and want to see what i can do. I don’t have any specific races near-term so i am just kinda feeling things out. Saturday, my run started off a little slow, but once i passed 3 miles, legs felt great. as if i had just started. leg turnover felt really good. I made a transition to my bike and off I went. Pretty good ride. Nice to mix it in. Wasn’t really feeling too tired until last mile. Even so, I felt good afterwards! 

Today, I rode bike first, then ran. Man, i think that is harder for me. Seems much easier to run first. Legs feel heavier after riding. Will be interesting to see if this pattern continues. I may do a triathlon in the summer. I definitely would like to find another Duathlon to do like the one I did 2 yrs ago at Lake Lanier. 

My “rough patch” is still lingering a bit, but getting better. I’m trying to see it as an “opportunity” for growth rather than something just unpleasant. I do believe something positive is on the other side. Just need to remember to breathe and be present. 

Be good.

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