woke up and had a random memory this morning. about 7 years ago, i was living in SF in a house with 3 other women. I had a dinky sized bedroom and very few things in it. I had a car, but couldn’t drive it to work because i would have had to pay an obscene amount to park downtown. So, i had to take BART to work. I had to drive to BART from my house and search (at 5am) for a place where I could leave the car all day. (these spots were few and far between) Not only was I paying for a car I couldn’t drive most of the time, I was also paying for public transportation. But, my memory wasn’t even about this…my memory was one day I was in the kitchen and my one of my roommates said to me, “All i ever see you eat is boiled eggs or broccoli”. I laughed. It was true. That’s about all I ever ate in the kitchen. At times, all I could afford and also I never felt comfortable there and like i wanted to use the kitchen. I was struggling financially, emotionally, and about every which way. Felt like I had massive weights that I carried around on a daily basis. 

Life is much better these days. And I am grateful. Very.

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  1. Ah, the good side of hindsight. 🙂 Good for you.

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