more randomness

been out of commission this week as i had some kind of a bug that kept me home for a couple of days. think i will be ready to get back to running tomorrow. or i hope so, at least. 

something i have been thinking about is different occupations i would not mind trying…you know, if i could just try it out for a week or something. some are occupations i’d truly like to do and others are ones i just kinda fantasize about because they look so cool in the movies. in these cases, maybe I want to be an actor playing the character with the particular occupation. then i was also thinking of occupations i’d definitely NOT want to have. here they are:

would like to try:

air traffic controller

FBI agent

criminal detective

sports psychologist

trader on NYSE 

running store owner

athletic trainer for college sports team

radio sportscaster

tv sportscaster


auto mechanic


a farmer – coffee beans

Would NOT want to try or do:

hotel maid

car rental agent




someone who has to clean up after a boxing match

fed chairman

2 Responses to “more randomness”

  1. these days i’d say fed chairman is about the least desirable job in the country. i’d way rather be cleaning up the blood in a boxing ring!

  2. afuntanilla Says:

    josh, too true!

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