“you can train for anything”

Been so inspired by many things lately; reading about Ironman events and following the stories and blogs of some of the competitors, following the now completed ATACAMA CROSSING race in Chile put on by Racing the Planet, and even by work. I just returned from a quick 2 day trip to Denver and feel like my head is buzzing in a good way. I feel re-energized, more focused, and motivated.

I was looking at some of the race data from the winners of the Ironman events that took place over the last weekend. Chrissie Wellington won Ironman Australia and her marathon time was at a 6:50 pace. Awesomely sick!!

My next event will be a sprint Duathlon in about a month. I’ve still not ventured into the swimming arena…

Sun April 5: 7 mile run, 1 hr 12 min, 10:17 pace, easy/slow
Sat April 4: 14.87 mile BIKE, 56:42; 2.25 mi run, 20:11, 8:58 pace
Thur April 2: 3 mile run, 26:56, 8:58 pace treadmill
Tues March 31: 3 mile run, 26:55, 8:58 pace treadmill

3 Responses to ““you can train for anything””

  1. Chrissie is so amazing! What a stud.
    Thanks for the PI review. I’ve been considering trying their shoes forever and now will get some next time I need new shoes. Or next time I feel like treating myself!

  2. I wish my work gave me a good buzz.

    Those Racing the Planet events are so inspiring. I want to do one someday.

  3. afuntanilla Says:

    scott, i am hoping to do one next year! Very close to signing up!

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