Duathlon Bound

All in all had a decent weekend of training. Better in quality than quantity. 

Weekend really began Thursday after work about 4pm. Drove from my house over near Emory University. A much easier and more beautiful place to run than from right outside my door. Ran a good ~4 miles with some hills. Beautiful weather. Friday was kinda a strange day. I felt all out of whack with my schedule since we had the day off of work(but, then i went in anyways!) Weather was not very good. Strong winds, some rain, some tornado warnings. I did an interval workout on treadmill; 4×400@8:00 min pace & 2×800@8:00 pace. Felt great. 

Saturday was much better. I got on my bike and decided to do a “race” simulated workout.( I am signed up for a sprint Duathlon on May 9th.) I drove over to Decatur YMCA, parked my car & headed out for 3 mile run. Temps were cool & overcast. perfect. The route was pretty flat with minimal traffic interruptions. Came back to car & hopped on the bike while sucking down a gel. Ride was harder than expected. Legs just felt heavy and like I never really got into a good groove. I am just a true novice at the bike thing and have a lot to learn. Rode 10 miles with hills and wind in every direction i went, it seemed like. Riding into wind is worse than running into it. I think. Ask me again after I have been running miles and miles into the wind. Soon enough, off the bike and back on the road for another 1 mile run. Went faster than i had expected and happy about it!  The distances are what the race will be except the bike will be ~13 miles. Now at least I have somewhat of a starting point. 

Sunday rolled around & I went out early for a SLOOOOW 6 mile run. My legs were more fatigued by Saturday than i expected. I even walked for half mile. Was happy to get 6 in. 

Watched the 70.3 Ironman Championship on TV today from 2008. So inspiring!! 

April 12; 6 miles, 1:02:48, 10:28 pace – flat

April 11; 3 mile run, 27:23; 9:08 pace — 10 mile bike, 41:23 — 1 mile run, 8:46

April 10; 4×400@8:00 min pace, 2×800@ 8:00 pace

April 9; 3.83 mile run, 35:44, 9:20 pace – hilly

One Response to “Duathlon Bound”

  1. great work on that run-bike-run workout! a few more of those and your legs will start to get a little used to changing from run to bike and bike to run. and riding into the wind is MUCH harder than running into it!

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