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It’s also helpful to realize that this very body that we have, that’s sitting right here right now… with its aches and it pleasures… is exactly what we need to be fully human, fully awake, fully alive. -Pema Chodron

Southern Rain

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If you have never been caught in a classic southern downpour, i think you might be missing out on one of the best things in life.

This afternoon, I parked my car, changed my clothes, and just as i was about to begin the run, big drops began to fall from the sky. Our first rain of the day. The sky had been closed up all day, but now, she was ready to burst open. The drops were big, yet few, at first, but after the first half-mile, they gained steam and soon it was as if buckets were pouring all around me! A classic springtime southern downpour. 

Rain coming down on you when the temperature is about 70 degrees is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it’s pretty neat; the warmish water falls on your skin and it’s kinda soothing. The sky is a bit darkened and there seems to be an aura of mystery out…

The puddles were bulking up and before long, i was smacking my feet and legs into them, water completely filling my Saucony shoes. Squish. Squish. 

The best part of the run probably came when i turned onto a stretch of Ponce de Leon. Traffic was getting heavy and the cars were swooshing by and as the came upon the growing puddles, I got waves of splash on me. It was DAMN FUN. It was like I was playing. 

And even though I had my cap on, my glasses were toast. i couldn’t see a thing. i didn’t care. I just kept runnin’.

What a great way to spend some afternoon time. 


blood donation: the good with the inconvenient

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I donated blood about 2 yrs ago when the red cross had a blood drive at my office. I was happy to do it except that the lady nearly killed my arm. My arm were seriously sore & bruised for at least a week afterwards. Of course, this type of experience doesn’t want to make one run right out and donate again. So. Red Cross has been leaving me messages to donate for about 1 year now and I FINALLY DONATED again! Again, happy to do it and i was hoping whoever was gonna take my blood didn’t kill me arm. Well, SHE DIDN’T! It was a very pleasant experience and I got nice little snacks afterwards. I love snacks. I left feeling all that much better…knowing that i did just a little something for someone else. 

So, I realized my energy level would be low for the rest of the day. What I did not expect was to feel WINDED after walking up some stairs. WOW! Seriously! The next day, I slept late and then went for a run. Well, I made it exactly one and a half miles before nearly collapsing. (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating) But, seriously, my heart rate was in high gear. I had to stop. After being a bit concerned, I looked online and found others who had similar experiences and got some more info. WHEW! Everyone’s body is different, but when those oxygen carrying red blood cells leave your body, it makes a difference! I went out again on sunday and ran 3.3 then walked/ran another 2.4. Again, i felt the high level of exertion, especially on any sort of incline. i rested until later in day and then went back to the treadmill in the evening. Felt much better! ran a good 5. Rested yesterday and ran another short one today. felt pretty good. Bottom line, if you donate, don’t plan any races near the donation day! And don’t have any heavy training planned. But, I will give again and I hope you will too. Someone, somewhere needs us. 

I gotta start boosting my mileage. 

May 26: 3.1 miles – treadmill

May 24: AM run, 3.3 miles & 2.4 mile walk/run outside; PM run, 5 miles – treadmill

May 23: 1.5 mile run — first run after blood donation. killer.

May 21: 3.1 miles 

May 19: 3.37 miles

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“The idea that the harder you work, the better you’re going to be is just garbage. The greatest improvement is made by the man or woman who works most intelligently” – Bill Bowerman

“Running long and hard is an ideal antidepressant, since it’s hard to run and feel sorry for yourself at the same time.” – Monte Davis

yesterday at the coffeeshop

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A song comes on my iPod – something soft I found recently – always makes me feel softer, as if i’ve taken a deep breath and am calming down.

And, its wordless melody plays in such a way that I feel my heart breaking. 

I notice one of the items on this small, round, well-worn table where I sit — my black wallet. Its rectangular shape lies atop a copy of today’s New York Times yet to be read. A white receipt peeks out along with the small edges of cards from my life; Delta SkyMiles, Healthcare, ATM. 

What I’m struck by most is the wallet cover; its many creases & markings from my years with it. Looking at it, I am suddenly aware that I’ve owned it for as long as I have known you, 16 years, or thereabout. And just as suddenly, my heart sinks and tears swell at the flashes of our history. My friend, I miss you.

sweet caroline…

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I downloaded this song yesterday by Neil Diamond. been singing it LOUDLY in my car ever since. It JUST MAKES ME FEEL GOOD> HAPPY. Ah….NEIL…

Was a pretty good week, overall. 

Got 3 short runs in mid week. one with intervals so that was good. today, i did a AM and a PM run. Felt awesome. 

As you can see from my 2 earlier posts, i did dip into the junk w/ some cookies. But, it has been VERY moderate. to say the least. I’m quite proud. and here is the weird thing; i went out for mexican on Friday and ordered a margarita. get this. I could BARELY drink it. I finished maybe 1/3 of it. WTH? I have no idca. Maybe my body is just in a different place. It was only my second taste of alcohol in about 2.5 weeks. Hmmmm. 

Saturday (yesterday) got up very late and just felt tired all day. was kinda a BLAH day. Crappy weather. I did get out and buy a BED. I’ve been sleeping on a blow-up bed for 6 months(by choice) (ever since I moved) I went to Sears and got a great deal. Other than that, i did nothing. was very lethargic. had a hard time relaxing. 

today was a different story, thankfully. woke up early and had good energy. went for a 6 miler around town. love the quiet sunday morning runs. looked like it was gonna rain at any second, but it held off til later in the day. i got in another 3 miles on the treadmill this early evening. feel great! 

Cheers! Keep Training!

congrats, roger

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Federer beat Nadal today in Madrid Final. Maybe good things to come in the French Open!

An EARLY Caving

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Well, I caved in. 

I dipped.

It was me, some cold milk and a chewy chocolate chip cookie from Whole Foods. 

Man, it was good!

say it isn’t so

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This Friday, there will be a BAKE SALE in my office. What the hell? Talk about TORTURE.

I don’t think I am gonna make it, folks!

My “Renegade” race and more

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The above photo was taken after I finished my “renegade” race on Saturday. There’s me with my running shoes still on and my new very girlie bike shoes on display. (those bike shoes are a whole other post)


Well, on Thursday when i got to my office, I had a voicemail from the race people for the duathlon. They informed me they cancelled and re-scheduled the race due to “weather”. Um. Okay…I looked at the forecast for their area which is about 1 hour NW of Atlanta. Saturday called for some intermittent t-storms. Whatever. I was disappointed, of course, cause i was really looking forward to competing and seeing how I would fare. My thoughts immediately went to “what will i do instead? will i run another 5k race and try to run faster than the one last week or should i just do the Duathlon on my own?” So, I decided to do the latter.

Of course, nothing is like race day and the anxiousness and excitement that run through your blood. So, waking up and getting ready was a bit different. very low key. I decided to go to Silver Comet Trail since that is the one place where one can go without many interruptions.

As soon as I got going on the first leg, the 5k run, I felt like i was in race mode. My pace was fast and my heart rate was getting up there. I knew it was too fast too soon. First mile was 8:30. The good thing was that I felt very focused. The bad thing was that i felt really hyped up. By nearly the 2 mile mark, i actually just walked for about 30 seconds just to try to get my HR down. It worked. My legs actually felt kinda heavy from the get-go and I wanted to have a good ride. This multi-sport stuff requires my planning and strategy and I have a ton to learn. I was done with 5k leg with a 9:00/pace, exactly what I had wanted. Now time to get on bike.

This was only the second ride I have done with clip less pedals. Can you believe it? All this time, i have been riding with regular pedals. Man, what a difference! The trail has a few intersections where you do have to wait for any crossing traffic, but other than that, it is pretty easy riding. I felt like I was working hard though. I felt like my body just wasn’t quite awake yet or quite loose enough. However, I still had a good time and felt like i did try to challenge myself. It was gorgeous out there and very peaceful even though there were quite a few people out exercising. The actual race distance was to be 13.02 miles. I ended up riding 12.83 miles in 49 min. I hopped off my bike and actually just left it out by my car and put my running shoes back on and did the final 1k sprint. The 1k was done in 4:59. 

So in Summary

5k = 27:50/8:59 pace

12.83 bike = 49 min

1k = 4:59/8:01 pace

All in all, I was happy with it and felt like I did push myself even though it was not a “real” race. I think i am going to look to go on some organized bike rides because I have no way to judge myself and see how I am doing. 

Here is a photo of me as I lay on my back in the parking area of the trailhead. 










Today, Sunday, i was planning to take a rest day. However, when I woke up and saw what a gorgeous day it was, I just could not stay away. Ran an easy 4 miles. Felt good. 

Now regarding the detoxing: friday night, i treated myself out to dinner and had Ally, the bartender, chose a wine for me. Something light-bodied was all I had said. She served me a glass of Bliss Pinot Noir. How’s that for a good serving. My first sip of alcohol in ten days. Went nice with my pasta and brussels sprouts. 

Last night, I had about 1/2 cup of low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt & today, i had the same yogurt mixed into a coffee/banana/protein smoothie. At this point, I feel good for my restraint and I think I have cleared out the all-too-fast grabs for unhealthy stuff, namely the junk. I am still gonna try to to “be good” but sooner or later, I know I will crack and get the damn chewy, chunky, chocolate chip cookie! 

Cheers to All!