blood donation: the good with the inconvenient

I donated blood about 2 yrs ago when the red cross had a blood drive at my office. I was happy to do it except that the lady nearly killed my arm. My arm were seriously sore & bruised for at least a week afterwards. Of course, this type of experience doesn’t want to make one run right out and donate again. So. Red Cross has been leaving me messages to donate for about 1 year now and I FINALLY DONATED again! Again, happy to do it and i was hoping whoever was gonna take my blood didn’t kill me arm. Well, SHE DIDN’T! It was a very pleasant experience and I got nice little snacks afterwards. I love snacks. I left feeling all that much better…knowing that i did just a little something for someone else. 

So, I realized my energy level would be low for the rest of the day. What I did not expect was to feel WINDED after walking up some stairs. WOW! Seriously! The next day, I slept late and then went for a run. Well, I made it exactly one and a half miles before nearly collapsing. (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating) But, seriously, my heart rate was in high gear. I had to stop. After being a bit concerned, I looked online and found others who had similar experiences and got some more info. WHEW! Everyone’s body is different, but when those oxygen carrying red blood cells leave your body, it makes a difference! I went out again on sunday and ran 3.3 then walked/ran another 2.4. Again, i felt the high level of exertion, especially on any sort of incline. i rested until later in day and then went back to the treadmill in the evening. Felt much better! ran a good 5. Rested yesterday and ran another short one today. felt pretty good. Bottom line, if you donate, don’t plan any races near the donation day! And don’t have any heavy training planned. But, I will give again and I hope you will too. Someone, somewhere needs us. 

I gotta start boosting my mileage. 

May 26: 3.1 miles – treadmill

May 24: AM run, 3.3 miles & 2.4 mile walk/run outside; PM run, 5 miles – treadmill

May 23: 1.5 mile run — first run after blood donation. killer.

May 21: 3.1 miles 

May 19: 3.37 miles

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